Friday, April 11, 2014


Five Minute Friday, oh how I love and have missed thee.  It is that time of the week again time to link up with Lisa-Jo and do a little dance and write in my little space.

The word this week is PAINT




So it didn't take me long at all to think of what I wanted to write about this week.  It is these beauties, you see I found them last weekend when I was putting more squares in the girls' quilt tub.  The story behind the quilt tub, I have been saving clothes that the girls' are especially attached to or we got on trips and I am hoping to either do it myself or send them to someone and have a quilt made for each of them for high school graduation.  They have added to it over the years as they have gotten older, t-shirts that they love and are now too small, a baby blanket that they literally wore out so now just square of it remains.  But there were also these beautiful quilt squares in there I had forgot about them, the girls made them in preschool, I ordered the quilt squares knowing that I would put them in the tub and ordered my mom a couple of t-shirts with the same designs, she loves those t-shirts.  These squares though are so small they look almost miniature and I am so glad that the girls will have this memory for their quilts. To be honest I can't wait to see their quilts it is like painting only we are using pieces of clothe, in the end though it will be a piece of artwork that there will be no duplicate to.  Individual just like my twins, unique and full of wonderful memories.


What do you think of when you think of PAINT?  Please share.


  1. That was lovely. I imagine those quilts filled with so much love and memories will be a delight to your girls. :) Thank you for sharing how Paint touches your heart. :) Just dropping by from FMF. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this post and this idea of collecting meaningful pieces of clothing and cloth to make a quilt! thanks for sharing. xoxo


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