Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ain't About Easy

Heard this song today and I had to share, it's life, and it's worth all the work.


  1. O so true. Hasn't been an easy year for me. 2016 will be much better. Thanks for the Halloween card! Are the girls at CRAnderson this year? Really need to get caught up on the Feisty Family. L&P, Darlene

    1. So happy to see your name pop into my comments. We have been missing you, was hoping to see you at the Orchestra concert, I saw Jeff and Jill. Didn't get a chance to talk as I was working (videoing the 6th grade concert). Yes, the girls are on their 2nd year at CRA, they don't love it but they like it enough, we learned in 6th grade what works for them and what doesn't so 7th grade has been better and 8th will be great. I am trying to blog more so hopefully you get to read about a little here and there. We wish you the Merriest Christmas!!


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