Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9 - Trust

It is Friday!!! Thank Goodness, I have been thinking of today's word most of the day. Not sure what will happen when I start typing but let's hope it is readable.


I say it over and over, I want to be able to trust my kids and have them trust me in return.  I think that trust is the most important thing in any relationship and my relationship with my daughters' I don't want to be any different.  Thankfully, in 13 years we have only had some minor fibbing, like me asking did you brush your teeth and them saying yes, and then when I go check toothbrushes they are bone dry because my mom intuition said they were fibbing. I can't handle that I don't like and and I am pretty vocal so they know. Bigger things like did you stay at so and so's house or are you smoking would become a jury and trial matter. My kids know their dad and I can grab their phone at any time and look at their text messages, and I have it set up so I can see them all online. Thankfully I don't have to really if they are questioning something or know they aren't supposed to they don't. We don't allow texting during school, they are there to learn and their education is very important to us. During lunch or letting me know they are leaving is cool but texting friends or anybody pretty much besides their dad and I during school is a grounding and mom/dad choice chore offense.  The phones are not mandatory just a convenience as we don't have a land line.  Trust is so important once it is broken it has to be earned back and that is not an overnight magic trick it is a long slow process. Let me instill the value of trust in my kids and I feel I have succeeded.

What do you think of when you hear the word TRUST?

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  1. As a teacher I really appreciate parents with those kinds of "no phones in school" policy. I enjoyed this post. I can't totally relate because my daughter is only three, but once she is a teenager you better bet that we will be establishing policies based on trust quickly. Great post! Stopping by from FMF!


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