Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 13 & 14 - Patience & Fly

These are combining today in this post, because well I was busy getting stuff ready for youth hunting that starts tomorrow.  I believe we are ready to go and tackle our second year of youth hunting and I am so thankful it is a family affair.

So patience comes with one year of hunting under their belts, this is daddy and daughters.  Hubby has been hunting for years, however last year was his first with two 12 year olds and let me tell you if that doesn't test your patience I am pretty sure you are unshakable. They did awesome, they listened, they waited, and they learned.  They learned with us, things we do instinctively after years of hunting, they have to be taught.  They have to be taught just like we were taught, only we as adults forget we were taught and now take it as common sense. Funny how that works isn't it. I think I went along to remind all that and there is nothing better than spending time together. Our patience is greater and our memories are forever in our hearts.

Fly, to be who you are whether that is great or small, everyone has a place in this world.  We are always telling the girls we want you to go to college. Hubby and I have not finished college I am working on it but it is slow and that is ok, I have to admit I know plenty of people that did not complete college that have good jobs and do what they enjoy.  I have a job I enjoy, it is not my dream job of teaching but I can't complain I have a great boss and fabulous coworkers.  The thing is that every job has a place in this world, you might think he is just the garbage truck driver, but to someone else he is a dad, a brother, a husband, and without him you would be doing it yourself so just because it isn't your place in this world don't knock someone else's place. Fly to where you want to be, take chances keep stepping out on that limb and take flight.  You might be surprised where you land.

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  1. Love your words: "Fly to where you want to be, take chances keep stepping out on that limb and take flight. You might be surprised where you land." Inspires me to keep going, writing, sharing. Thank you for your words. A grateful friend from the five minute free writing challenge.


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