Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6 - Possible

And Day 6 brings Possible.

I saw this word and thought of so many things.

All things are possible with God

The possibilities are endless

Change is possible, if you put in the effort

Is it possible so many quotes are making me crazy?

Yes, to the last one and all the above.  I am changing for the better, because that is possible. I am growing and learning and becoming better. I am positive that change is a good thing right now because the negative space my head has been in lately is not a space if I died tomorrow I would be happy in.  I am gotten caught up in drama, in negativity, in a place that I am not used to. So I am changing things up a bit and being more upbeat in trying to assume the best of people and their intentions and in believing that God and Karma will sort out all the wrongs and I can just live my life being me.  So is it possible to change your thinking and become new again, well all things are possible with God.  The hubby said the other day that we should take the girls to church, then he clarified and said I should take the girls to church. Funny enough when I first met hubby I was a church regular, I enjoyed the fellowship, the relationships and the worship. I do kind of miss it but am going to have to find a church that can give me some of that in the middle of the week because I also believe that God wants me to spend time with my family and Sunday's are typically our family day. We have moved that around for things and people but for the most part we spend some part of Sunday with us. So my possible question is it possible to find a church that will not judge if I just want to come on Wednesday night? That if my husband does not join us that no one will care, that they will just understand he believes in God he just doesn't think God is judging him because he doesn't attend church services. He meets God in the high hills, while out hunting, or on the lake while fishing, or just in the quiet of his day. So is there a church like that, one that we can go to but not feel judged or obligated to go to, and one that if we show up in jeans, or basketball shorts that will be ok?

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