Monday, October 5, 2015

Days 2-5 Family, Capture, Embrace, Home

Oh the first Five Minute Friday of October and my 31 days of blogging.

Ok so we were a little busy this weekend and while I could definitely schedule these and type them out beforehand I am trying to do them a day at a time so you get four words at once, and to be honest they all seem to mesh/flow one after another. So here are four paragraphs of five minutes each. Enjoy!

Family, funny when you are young you think family as parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins.  Now that I am older and have kids of my own, I still think of those people, but I have duplicates. You know that family that I got when I married the hubby. Yep I claim them, whether they claim me I can't say but I claim them. They are all different some actually blood some not, but they are all family.  Holidays, birthdays and general get together, good news, bad news, and everything else is shared with lots more people. I have to admit sometimes it is a little over whelming but it is overwhelming feelings of care, concern, love and prayers. I am still me and thankfully they have accepted me as me, they remind me sometimes that me is a little harsh, a little controlling, a little too happy all the time, sometimes a little of me goes a long way. But they accept it all of it, and I accept them all of them, because it takes a whole lot of crazy to make a family tree, and mine gained a whole new branch and I love the look of it.

Capture, yep this what my husband did on Sunday morning he captured how I acted Saturday night, without naming names, I was not nice and in fact kind of rude to a family member that I adore, in fact I love to pieces. I won't name names, but I will make it up. Thankfully this said family member is not into drama, so I guess that says it's not a female, (sorry ladies but as a female myself, I know all too well that drama is a language in our world, guys have a fist fight and get over it, girls will tear you down and ruin your life and world with words, we can be very mean and we hold a grudge). Anyway I was out of line, he reminds me of my dad and I love him to pieces, I will make sure to check myself and make sure he knows that I know I was out of line. My husband captured it and the words stuck I appreciated his honesty and love for me. Sometimes it takes another to capture how we are feeling or acting and put it into words. Here is the quote, it speaks volumes, I was inviting it in, and that is not going to happen again, I have no time for it. Moving on and up.

drama-doesnt-just-walk-into-your-life-you-either-create-it-invite-it ... 

Embrace, I have been embracing my life a lot lately. Loving the little moments, the nights spent having dinner in the living room with my family instead of at the table, the late night "Goodnight, love you Mom and Dad's" from a 12 year old that make me furious that she is still awake and melt my heart because in truth our relationship with our daughters going into their teen years is better than I could have dreamed up. The list of to-do's that I swear grows instead of shrinks, but always keeps us busy.  The family members and friends that text and message me just to see if I am OK. The dogs or cat, that think our bed is their bed, their loyalty and the fact that they know they are part of our family amazes me. My life is my life and I am so thankful for each and every minute of it, without the trials we wouldn't be who we are and they make it better, deeper, richer. To be thankful for all we have, for where we are, for all the forks in the roads, the uphill battles, the difficult people, the friends we have made, the gains, the losses, I am embracing it all, it is our life, we communicate better, we love each other harder, we listen closer, and we embrace all the good and bad. 

Home, is wherever my family is. I love them, my husband is my best guy friend, and my girls are my world. The last five years have been terrifying, ecstatic, loving, tearful, joyous, dreadful, adventurous, laugh-filled, tear-filled, uphill and downhill.  Home is the one thing that has not changed, in fact it has grown stronger.  My marriage is stronger, funny 15 years together and we are stronger than when we started, because we both refuse to give up. My relationship with my girls is amazing, they trust me and I trust them. Life isn't perfect, but I have never wanted perfect, I just want what we have, honesty, openness, sharing, caring, love. Our home is where we gather to build each other back up after a rough day, where we rest our heads to begin a new day, the place we celebrate, it is our safe haven. Thankful every day I have a family that no matter where we are together we can call it home and know that life is fabulous.

My next word should be mesh but tomorrow brings Possible.

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  1. :::family::: How wonderful it is to be accepted just as you are as you add a new branch to the family tree.

    Love you quilt background :)



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