Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Click a Pic #2

Ok so I may be obsessed with this challenge I just love it and the adventure it takes me on. This week was a new set of words and a new interpretation. I hope you enjoy my pictures this week because this challenge is getting me to share more pictures and also making me use my camera phone a lot more.

Words for the Week
Brand Whore
Meaningful Accessory

If you know me I am all about saving money, especially if I can get the same thing
or something similar for less so this one threw me for a loop. I had to go do some
Internet research hoping there was a second meaning for this but to no avail.
However in my Internet searching I ran across a fellow blogger that is
a self proclaimed BRAND WHORE. I am not linking up to her blog as
there were a lot of language used in the post that I do not wish to be linked to my
blog but I did borrow this from the post and thought
it was fitting for a Brand Whore.

My engagement ring and band a very very MEANINGFUL ACCESSORY.
Besides reminding me every minute of every day that I am married
to an amazing man. These two rings are actually family heirlooms. My band
was my grandmothers, we added the two pink stones to signify our girls,
and the diamond represents us. And the engagement ring was my great
grandmothers and is so beautiful they just don't make rings with
such gorgeous detail anymore. Love!
Ok so odd looking picture. My here are my favorite COZY
North Face fleece pants and my COZY slippers. Oh Fall can't come quick
enough so I can slip these back on and not sweat to death in them. :)
"Grant me patience to deal with my blessings" oh yes some days
this QUOTE gets me through amazing things. It is located
above my kitchen cabinets and some days the reminder
is a blessing unto itself.
Wow not the most flattering picture, but hey I never claimed
to be a foot model. MANICURE, pedicure, whatevercure. I
do not do a lot with my fingernails besides break them,
playing with my girls, mowing the lawn, you get the idea.
I do however do self pedicures. I love painting my toes,
because toes are really ugly in general anything looks better than plain.
See the little butterfly on my big toes? And I am totally loving
this color blue.

The Chiffon Diary


  1. I like the "keep calm..." but do not like LV haha. I wish I could do my own pedicures, but when i do they look like i splotched red paint (or whatever color i used) on my toes. :)

    1. I believe by LV you mean Louis Vuitton, I hope so anyway :) My nails usually end up looking like I spilled someone on them instead of painted them. That is funny. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Thanks for linking up love! I'm so glad your having fun wit!! Great pics, love the cozy one. I have some slippers like that & they're just so warm! Xoxo Kelly

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, I love yours and thanks for the great link up it may be becoming an obsession. ;)


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