Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday: Week 3

Please go check out Thankfulness Thursdays over at Domestic Fashionista and link up your blog and share what you are thankful for this Thursday.

Now on to Blogging: So between Thankfulness Thursdays and the Click a Pic Challenge I am loving blogging again. I am reminded with these two link ups why I started in the first place which was to document parts of our life, mostly the good stuff. You will not find any posts on here about my marriage struggles (let's be honest everyone has those) and you won't find me complaining (well very often). I like to tell you all about the highlights from my day, week or weekend. I like to come to my blog and be reminded that I am blessed every day with something even if that day was rough I am always blessed. I like to come to my blog to remember something that I love a recipe, person, charity. I use this blog as a sort of journal but just about the things I want to share and sometimes there are blog posts that I write and don't publish because I needed to get them off my chest but don't need the entire blogosphere knowing the ugly details. So today on Thankfulness Thursday I am Thankful for my blog. It has been a great creative outlet and I have met some wonderful people, been able to keep some of our family in the loop of our world and really enjoyed sharing my love of writing. Who knew I would enjoy writing so much but I do I love sharing my random thoughts, my family adventures, and pictures of our family. It is wonderful and stress relieving and I love it. So today I say THANK YOU to blogspot for giving me this creative outlet that allows me to remember that I am blessed.

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