Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Plastic Balloons

A childhood classic was brought back into my life via the dollar store. Oh yes while cruising the aisles of the dollar store looking for some stuff for my latest attempt at a chore chart and organization for my daughters these babies caught my eye.

Now if you have never played with these you may want to stop reading now because this post won't be nearly as exciting.  However I remember these from when I was younger and I loved them. Make your own balloons, well I am a crafting geek so making anything by myself sounds FABULOUS!  I had to buy some of these so my girls could enjoy the memory of playing with a toy from my childhood. Well I took the package to my parents house because it was Friday and my mom watches my girls during the summer. She also watches my nephew and niece so fun was had by all.

Her eyes would get bigger and bigger the bigger the
balloon got. So funny.

Look at her go! Her cheeks would fill with air like a chipmunk.
All Emmalee wanted to do was pop them she loved the sound
and to feel of them in her hands. Lucky for her she is cute.

There was a lot of spit in his bubbles and he ended up popping
them all after he showed Maka but he thought it was great fun.

Our Finished Products

While I was online looking for a picture because I didn't take a picture of the package before it got destroyed I found a blog that is so cute, Me & The Mexican, she does a Thursday Throwback that is what actually brought me to her blog. The post is titled the same that I titled mine, Plastic Balloons. Check her out and if you are near a dollar store take a stroll through their aisles and see what you may find.


  1. Aren't these plastic balloons the best! I love your post. It looks like everyone had a blast. Thanks so much for the shout out!!! Glad to have found eachother. I'll be checking in often. I'd love to add you to my blogroll... let me know if it is okay.

    1. Yes please do add me that would be great. And I have been following you! Thank you for checking out my blog.


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