Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 11: I said I would never...

Bottle feed
Yep that idea went out the window when I had two preemies and I had to pump and I was stressed out and all I could think about was those two little beings and how they got food didn’t matter it just mattered that they got food and that I got to hold them and take them home.
Let my kids eat in my car
So I am sure some parent somewhere has accomplished sticking with this but I was not one of them. It was not a battle I was interested in having there are much more important things I would rather battle over, brushing teeth, wearing a helmet on their dirt bikes, saying please and thank you.
Wipe a booger nose and then wipe it on my pants
Oh yes I have so done this and no I didn’t gag when I did.
Let my kids sleep with me in my bed
Sometimes you have to choose sleep over rules, I choose sleep, my kids climbed into bed with us almost nightly for a couple of years they would start off in their beds but sometime in the middle of the night they would come into our bedroom and crawl into bed with us. Looking back I miss it as much as it might have been uncomfortable and I might have been a little grouchy in the morning from the kink in my neck I miss them crawling into bed with us and just snuggling.

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