Sunday, August 4, 2013

FMF - Story

Today I am joining late Lisa over at Lisa-Jo Baker I love joining her for Five Minute Friday and her prompts make me smile even the ones that bring thoughts of maybe unpleasant things. However today's prompt makes me think of amazing things it makes me think of...


I love this prompt I am thinking of my story my life. My story started 32 years ago give and take some months as my birthday isn't until December but my story was already written in the stars. My story is not including being a millionaire but my story includes being abundantly happy. I had a page turn in my storybook a month ago and I thought that life was ending and that all my dreams were coming to an end as far as money, finances, and my career path. I was so wrong. My page turn has forced me to remember my little girl dreams of becoming a teacher and getting my college degree. I am applying to Havre I think I have decided and that is a wonderful feeling. I am do most of my classes online and I the two that I can't do online I can do in Butte. Oh yes Butte Montana the lovely city that is really not lovely but I will drive to Butte to get this degree and do a job that I dream of. I am jealous of teachers as much stress that comes with being a teacher I love all the planning and the want of knowledge on a child's face. I love that elementary education shapes a child for the rest of their life that you can help a child dream and want more.

I can't wait to begin this chapter in my storybook and I am so thankful that I have a wonderful husband, wonderful parents, and wonderful friends that have encouraged me and I know will support me through this journey. I cannot thank you all enough without the push and encouragement I would be still sitting behind a desk in the same job not loving life and smiling when people say do you like your job but knowing that I was going nowhere.


So what is your story, what chapter are you in?


  1. How exciting and good for you that you are taking this next step in your journey! I am a LOVER of all things that have to do with learning and taught high school for a short time before having my own children...I do think you will find it very rewarding (and quite challenging at times!). This was a fun and exciting post to read! (I popped over from the 5 Minute Friday page!)

  2. Brook, I love reading your blogs! =) You will be an incredible teacher! It really, really, is the most rewarding job in the world. You have such a passion for the life you are living, and it's fantastic to read about. Your girls are beautiful, and they look just like you! - Bess


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