Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 10: 10 Survival Tips To the Expecting Mom

One month old and so tiny

1. Breathe – This is something to enjoy
2. Listen but don’t take notes – Every mom within a 100 mile radius will have some piece of advice for you, most of it will be good advice but every baby is different so don't take hardcore notes
because the best is advice is to listen to your heart.
3. Ask for Help – No shame you are new to the journey and so many other moms including yours have done it before learn from their experiences and take what has worked and try it.
4. Enjoy it – It sounds cliche but I mean it when I say it goes by too quickly.
5. Admit when you are wrong – Yep you are a mom but even moms make mistakes.
6. Plans Change Oh Well – From the moment you go into labor your plans may go right out the window that is OK, the path is still there and the journey will still be the greatest adventure ever.
7. Rules What Rules– Whether you are co sleeping, breastfeeding, formula feeding, attachment parenting. Do what makes you feel comfortable what makes you happy and not what anyone else said you should do. This is all about you and your family not anyone else.
8. Love – Love your new addition with all your heart, you are the first love they are going to know make sure you teach them what true love is.
9. Know that you are doing a great job – No matter how out of control you feel, how out of your element you are you are loving your baby and you are doing the best you can do and that is all they ask.
10. Journal, blog, Take Pictures - Record the moments, don't spend all your time recording but definitely preserve some of your memories for when you are older looking back they make you smile and wonder and fall in love all over again.
5 years ago, look how little they were :(

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