Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 12 (December 13th)

Day 12 (December 13) – Buy food for a homeless person (or someone in need). This does not have to be expensive. $5 should cover lunch.

So this task was a little out of my comfort zone, I have heard of homeless people getting angry and being upset when someone buys them food instead of giving them money. I was judging before I had actually taken on my Gift of the day. I had seen a gentleman sitting outside the post office this morning when I went to get the mail for work and as I was leaving the parking lot I felt bad that I had not grabbed him breakfast, well God had another plan lunch. I did Adopt a Family shopping today for our office with a coworker and as we were leaving the parking lot of Walmart he was sitting outside Burger King. So I drove around the block and pulled into Burger King, as I was ordering my healthy side kicked in just a little I ordered him a Whopper Jr with Fries and a bottle of water because in my mind I was thinking who needs all that sugar. My coworker handed him the bag as we stopped next to him and the look on his face was of genuine thankfulness. He seemed very happy to get a bag of food that was hot and it warmed my heart yet made me sad, that the very thing that most of America takes for granted this gentleman was so happy to receive. I didn’t need a thank you or anything in exchange the look on his face brighten my whole day.

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  1. Good girl(young woman)! I usually try to keep $5 on my visor. Sometimes I wonder if it is going to be spent "correctly"-that judging thing again. Hot food is a great idea and I'm sure was greatly appreciated. I'm sure this never happens in your house, but I sometimes need to check out pantry for expired/use by items. I'm getting better @ that-Luke informed me several years ago I sent home "spired" stuff!lol Really not that "spired". I take things to God's Love if I think they will use it & they are always happy to get it. Keep up the good work. Love the Big Belt Christmas photos this year!!! L&P


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