Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 2 turned into Day 1, Time was Ticking

DAY 2: (DECEMBER 23)-- Purchase a gift card at a local grocery store (of any amount). Turn around in line, and hand it to the first person you see. Then walk away. No explanation is needed. I'm sure their expression will say it all.

Day 1: (DECEMBER 24)-- YOUR turn to choose a random act of kindness. I thought it would be fun to see the different ideas everybody comes up with for this last day before Christmas. Be creative. The sky is the limit. =)

Well it ended up I skipped a day essentially so Day 1 came and I was bound and determined I was going to purchase a gift card and do something random, I had to recruit help.  The gift card was random and totally unplanned the girls and I ended up in Walmart buying random household stuff the day before Christmas (yes I have lost my mind, it happened a long time ago though so no worries). While standing in line to pay for my toothpaste, batteries, and mouthwash a lady got in line behind us because of course it was Christmas Eve and Walmart was PACKED!!  She had a hand basket with groceries in it lettuce and such I remembered my Day 2 gift.  Standing there explaining to the girls that this was going to be our second to last Christmas Gift and as the cashier gave me the receipt and my change the girls grabbed our one grocery bag and I turned around and handed the lady the giftcard she just watched me purchase for $5 bucks, she hesitated taking it from me then her face lit up and she said you are so sweet thank you. The look on her face for enough for me and I just said Merry Christmas to you and the girls and I left.  As we walked out of Walmart I felt so thankful for all of my blessings and so happy I had just made some random person smile so warmly.  Yes I love this Gifting job.

Oh I wasn't done yet I had to still do one more random gift. Well Shane and the girls were going shopping for me like they do every Christmas Eve and I should tell everyone even though they are last minute shoppers I love everything I get and I mean everything, it is the thought that counts I love it that they spend the time to go think of me. So they were pulling out to leave and I handed the girls a $5 bill and told Shane they needed to give it to someone or buy a giftcard but it had to go to a good cause or a random person.  I did mention my husband's family serves the Salvation Army. Well on their way out the door at one of the stores there was still a bell ringing ringing their bell and that $5 went to a great cause I know it did, it went to someone who needed it, I don't need to see a specific face or know any details I am happy, calm, and joyful knowing that such an group of people are on this Earth helping others and expecting nothing in return.

Well that concludes my 12 Gifts of Christmas blogging I hope you had fun reading it, were encouraged to help others and maybe next year you can join us on our adventure because I am truly hoping this becomes one of our Christmas Traditions something my children will do and pass on to their children.  Until that time I am going to go and enjoy my kids and all the magic they bring to Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!!

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