Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 7 (December 18th)

Buy or bake something for a neighbor. You may know them well, you may have never even introduced yourself. So here's your chance!

Living where we do we don't really have next door neighbors it is farm country people and honestly that is why we moved out here. My kids can ride their bikes around and just play outside without me hovering making sure they aren't going to be abducted. We lived in McHugh Trailer Court for the first 2 years of their lives and they didn't have the luxory. Now they are farm/valley girls living more of the childhood their dad and I had, so wonderful!
Onto the challenge we don't have next door neighbors we have neighbors across the street they are wonderful we don't talk all the time but we wave, smile, and chat! More than that they are there I know that if I needed something I could run across the street and they would help me out. So the girls and I bought a fun little Santa tin and put some cookies we baked in it and hung it on their fence when they left for church this morning. I didn't get to see them get it when they got back but I am sure they were surprised, wonderful! We hope they enjoy their treats and that it brought a smile to their faces. Neighbors are wonderful even when they aren't right next door!

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