Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 4 (December 21st)

Tape quarters to a vending machine. So simple, yet so convenient! I honestly cannot count how many times I have wanted a snack or a soda, but could not dig up that last quarter to satisfy my craving.

So 3 quarters in some tape and a vending machine so simple? Yeah well first I had to think about where in the world I was going to find a vending machine as I don't drink pop, and I don't normally buy stuff out of vending machines.  Think Brook Think, and of course ask your coworkers. You know for all the times I go into Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway I don't pay much attention because there are vending machines outside everyone of those doors. I know I am a genius you don't have to tell me :)
Mental note: look at your surroundings a little more.

So trip to Albertsons last night because the girls and I had 50 goody bags of Muddy Buddies to make and we ran out of the Chex, chocolate chips, peanut butter and powdered sugar. 50 is a lot when making Muddy Buddies, but oh it was so much fun clouds of powdered sugar floated in our kitchen and there was chocolate everywhere, oh well that is what sponges and water are for right. It was so much fun I wish I would have taken a picture, the girls enjoyed it all and I even enjoyed repeatedly telling them that no they didn't need to taste every batch. :)

Oh yeah the quarters, so the vending machine outside Albertsons has 3 quarters taped to it I hope they come into good use for someone but even if someone just takes them to take them I hope they really need them. Either way I felt good about leaving them there and the girls got a kick out of taping them up and seeing them still there when we came back out of the store.

Oh simple joys!!

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