Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Day 1

So last year hubby's aunt and her fabulous fam got the girls a Lego Advent Calendar. This was a huge surprise and very special. I didn't even know they made lego advent calendars and it was definately so much fun. The girls have been doing advent calendars since they were very little, as it was something I used to do when I was little and a tradition that I wanted to carry on. Well this year Great Aunt BJ, Great Uncle Al and Great Cousins Ellen and Brandee remembered the girls again and got them each an advent calendar. As they don't live in the same city as us I thought it would be fun to show them day by day what the girls are assembling via my blog.
Kaleigh's calendar is Star Wars and Lauryn's calendar is Friends. The girls were so excited when I got them out last night and put them on their dresser, they thought that they weren't getting calendars this year and were really bummed. They have told everyone that Aunt BJ and Uncle Al got them calendars all the way from Great Falls. The magic of the holiday season really comes alive through the eyes of children. So BJ, Al, Ellen, and Brandee we say thank you so much for thinking of our girls!
Day 1
Today was even more fun watching them open their calendars as they shared the experience with a friend. Lauryn is having a friend spend the night and the girls let her help with assembly it was so fun to watch. So without further words here is what the girls assembled. A friend and what we believe is a fighter flyer.
The girls love them and can't wait for tomorrow night.

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