Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornament Swapping!

So I signed up for an Ornament Swap through Jessica over at Dreaming of Dimples. It was my first ornament swap and as I love Christmas and all the decorations that go with it, it sounded like so much fun.

I got S.K from the blog Created by S.K., I did a little blog stalking and communicated with her via email to figure out what a fun ornament would be for her. Then off shopping I went to see what I got her you can read here Holiday Ornament Swap.

Kimberly over at I'm Probably Crazy got my name and boy did she do a great job. Our communications mentioned that my tree has a theme of family memories. It is a collection of ornaments from the last 12 years and some from my grandma. I love them all and almost all of them have a meaning or memory behind them. Well I got her box and opened it up and found this beautiful mistletoe and jewel ornament. The camera was not cooperating and did not catch the true beauty of this sparkling ornament with glitter on the top and the jewel on the bottom it is truly so pretty.

We cut down a real tree every year and this year the branches just won't hold this ornament but have no fear I found the perfect place for it and in fact I am pretty sure it will hang here every year.  There is a hook in the ceiling in the living room, I have used it for a multitude of things including stretch bands for workouts but it is perfectly in the middle of the entryway and makes for a good kissing spot. Remember her ornament had mistletoe on it! Oh yes I love that my hubby was totally included in my ornament swap without him even knowing.
Thanks Kimberly for the fabulous ornament I love it!!

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