Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Day 8, 9, and 10!!

What is more fun than combining three days of blogging into one! Not much sorry but there will be delays in these postings from time to time as I do have a full time job at an office another as a mom and yet another as a wife! Juggling them all sometimes get a little hectic and I have to take a breather to stay sane. However I didn't forget my blog followers and hope you are all still out there reading and enjoying the adventure with my family.

Day 8: assembly of a table and chair set for Lauryn and Kaleigh a flying ship!

Day 9: produced a trooper for Kaleigh and cake, milk, cups and a plate for Lauryn.

Day 10: a fantastic trailer for the snowmobile for Lauryn and a satellite dish (pretty sure this is not correct but the girls decided and I went with it) for Kaleigh!

Keep checking my blog this I have a couple of fun things coming!
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  1. Can hardly wait to get Luke's Star Wars to him! He is a Huge fan and I'm sure he will know all the pieces. Is this the time to admit I've only seen maybe 2 of the movies? lol


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