Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Day 4

OK so last night came and went and I didn't get a chance to post about Day 4, sorry for the delay but here it is.
We needed to do some laundry and of course there was a kitten to play with, but most importantly there were two girls who needed to go to bed because man oh man can you say GROUCHY!!
Anyway calendars are never forgotten so off to open calendars and go to bed we went.
Kaleigh got a flying plane thing she is sure it goes in the water too, which I have decided with her imagination that sounds good to me! And Lauryn got skis and ski poles for her girl. I have to say Kaleigh might be starting to think Lauryn's calendar is pretty cool she was really into those skis and of course the snowmobile, having a girly calendar isn't all bad, although she still isn't think all that pink is for her. Oh well it is for Lauryn she loves all that pink! And Kaleigh still loves the little man with the long hair she says, we found out from Aunt BJ his name is Jar-Jar Binks she just calls him JJ. These are definitely cool calendars :)

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