Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Day 2

Day two and we woke up a little later than planned oh well it was nice to get to sleep in a little. After dropping off Lauryn's friend we hit the dirt road to go hunting. The guaranteed kind of hunting Christmas tree hunting. And we were successful within 1/2 hour thanks to hubby and Kaleigh. After it was cut and tagged we headed to Papa and Nana's house to see Nana for the first time in a couple of months. After a short visit we headed home in a torrential rainstorm and stored the tree in the garage so it could dry out. Then some out of town friends came over for dinner and talk. It was wonderful to see them and their kiddos are growing like weeds :) hopefully we can make a trip down to see them soon I am thinking this could be an epic summer vacation with a stop in Colorado and then Ohio :) And my girls shared again tonight with a little man who seemed to think their advent calendars were pretty cool. So to advent day 2 here we go. Kaleigh got a little guy we aren't sure what his name is so if you know his name please share we are curious. And Lauryn got a snowmobile for her girl to ride pretty sweet.

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