Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Day 5

The craziness of the holiday season seems to be slowing a little. The stress of money and family and this and that is slowing too which is not something I thought I would be saying but am so thankful for. Santa came to my work tonight it was very fun! Yes my employer does the Santa thing buying gifts for the kids and cookies and everything it is so nice and always a treat for the adults as much as the kids. The girls each got a kit to paint two Breyer horses they love arts and crafts so it was a great gift. My niece and nephew got to come too and got an airplane model kit for a 3 year old perfect as he is 4 and all boy and my niece got a baby doll. She seemed to think it was a great gift and she did so good with so many people that she doesn't know. It was a fun time and set the mood for a pretty relaxed evening. It was off to bed more regular time and the advent calendars produced for Lauryn a snowman and for Kaleigh a creature we think. I am telling you this Star Wars thing is new to us. So Aunt BJ, Ellen, or Brandee we need the name of our newest addition! Love my girls!!
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