Friday, April 26, 2013


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Word today: Friend

I don't think I can write about just one friend, I have a group of friends they have been with me since elementary school and they are the best group of friends a girl could ever ask for. We weren't always hanging out together in high school but when you get us all together in a room we can talk for hours with no weird awkward moments and no breaks. We celebrate the highs and lows together and are there for each other at a moments notice.  We have been mad at each other, loved each other, been to weddings, visited in the hospital after a new addition to our group arrived and in general if something good happens I want to share it with this group of ladies first.
We are a diverse group in religion, but true to the core we all have the same basic beliefs in the way we want to raise our own families and live life, and if we don't agree we can agree to disagree and that is OK.
All through school this group of ladies has kept me from losing my mind, made middle school bearable and high school so much fun. I can only hope that my girls have at least one friend who is as wonderful as my 7 best friends are.
Ladies we have girls nights and still text, email and call each other but I want you to know I love you guys like you are family heck you are an extension of my family I cry when you are sad and am so happy for you on joyous occasions. I cannot imagine my life without you guys. I can't wait to see us as little old ladies man that is reality TV in the making.


  1. What a great tribute to your girlfriends! Visiting you from Five-Minute Friday- thanks for sharing your friends with all of us.

  2. VERY lucky ladies!


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