Saturday, April 13, 2013


Another Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker. I really do love these so let's get onto writing.

Here I am!  Funny the first thing that came to mind was washing my face. I love washing my face at night right before bed, sometimes after a workout. I love it that fresh feeling. That here I am feeling, because it is me under the makeup, sweat and dirt. I love that I can strip it all away at the end of the day and it is just me. If someone were to stop by that would be ok I don't mind at all being seen without makeup. I just love that end of the day here I am feeling. No matter what my day has looked like stressful out of control I can wash it all away. Here I am!  

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  1. I found your blog from Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday. I loved what you wrote. I haven't thought of washing my face like that before but it so true. It is like stripping away the day and being just you! Loved the perspective :)


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