Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Thoughts

I think my random thoughts yesterday helped as I want to write even more so while sitting here waiting in line to get coffee as surprise for the hubby I shall write.
I have wrote about ups and downs and try to keep the downs to a minimum not because I don't have them but because they are private and sharing them is not always fun.
But I did a five minute Friday post a couple weeks ago titled broken and it was a little more private than normal on the down side. Well I wanted to share that since posting and of course talking to my hubby. A bad week is just that a bad week nothing more. We all have them and sometimes when we are feeling that way it transfers into your relationships unknowingly. Just talking to your spouse can help immensely as most of the time they don't know that they are projecting those feelings outward.
Thank you to everyone who has asked and been concerned it is always good to know that we have amazing family and friends.
Hope you are having a good start to the weekend I know we are.

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