Friday, April 19, 2013


Linking with with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday, five minutes of writing no editing no back tracking. Yes that sounds like fun to me.

Here we go this weeks prompt: JUMP

Jump on the wagon, jump take a flying leap.  This word seems to be hard for me this week usually whatever word she posts something instantly comes to mind. This week not so much, this week I am really having to think and while I am doing that I am typing. Yeah this will do for a five minute post you envisioning the smoke coming out of my ears, the gears turning. Oh Lord this could be a long post if I don't get some inspiration soon. But alas no inspiration is coming I have nothing.

Funny though I am jumping, jumping for inspiration, looking in all the wrong places I am sure I love writing I love sharing my thoughts and sharing cherishing moments in my family life. Recording memories for later. I jumped you could say right on the blogging bandwagon. I started and now I can't seem to stop I don't blog about everything but I give anyone who wants to visit my blog the chance at a glimpse into my life my world. You can choose to follow me or not that is OK. I just hope that in some way I inspire someone to write themselves, to share, to smile, to rethink something they are doing, to better themselves. I jumped and I have no intention of jumping off.

There you go five minutes of randomness, hope you enjoy it.


  1. The best things about FMF is there are no rules in the writing! Sometimes articulate words come and sometimes they are a little harder to find. But it's the beauty of the act and sharing in this community where you are loved and supported regardless! So you go, jumping into this blogging world and you continue to write what you're called to write! I know people will be blessed by it!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  2. I enjoyed your five minutes of randomness! :)

  3. Oh, what a nice bandwagon to jump on; the blogging one! Yes, we don't nearly often enough admit our writer's block. I think we should acknowledge that as another sort of jump! Hope this makes sense.
    Mia from FMF

  4. I love the bandwagon!!! And, sometimes I think a little bit of random thought is what it takes to clear a cluttered mind. Way to go! :)


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