Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Math Ughh

Yep that is how I really feel. 4th grade math drives me crazy or maybe it is the way L acts when we are trying to help her with her math. Note to self my parents were not compete idiots when they were trying to help me they just learned it different and the bed way made no sense to them oh wait that is how I feel. I mean really I am trying to help L but I don't understand the instructions. A very late night call to her teacher to leave a message stating that her homework is not compete because there was a lot of tears being shed and yelling happening. I am hoping she doesn't have to sign the book because it is late because I am the one who made her stop I couldn't take out anymore. I want her to like school not hate it I want her to have the confidence to say I don't understand that can you give me some extra help. I cried with her tonight she said the teacher explains all the ways to do it to the whole class and I still don't get it. That is not ok I know her teacher will be sad to hear this but I don't blame her L never said anything so she would never know. I am going to get this right for her she will learn the way that works for her she will not feel like she is the only one who doesn't get it. Mama will make this better I am in her corner and when we get through this she will know that and know that her teacher is in her corner too.

Wish me luck!!

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  1. This made me want to cry too. I remember that feeling in school of not getting it and feeling like your the only on who doesn't. They are constantly changing how they teach kids to so that makes it 10x harder.

  2. Ugh :-(

    Coming from a former teacher, that makes me sad that you're even having to deal with it and it's that bad! What math curriculum is it, do you know? There are a few that I think are atrocious - and some that ARE so different from how we grew up learning it (and that does make it hard, too).

    1. They were teaching her the box method. Her teacher showed me and it seems to work great when the answer comes out even but when you have any remainder it is a mess. We switched her over to the traditional method which is working great for her she just got a B on her test I am one proud mama and so thankful that her teacher was willing to work with her and me.


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