Monday, April 29, 2013

April Cara Box

I joined in the fun of Cara Box hosted by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals.

I was paired up with Robin at That's So Pretty/ and Kayla at Green Mountain Couple both wonderful bloggers and fun partners. I sent to Robin and received from Kayla.

Here is what she sent me and can I say I LOVED it!!!

Gardening gloves - so glad she sent me new ones last year's have holes in all the fingers. Yikes

Seed packets - I actually got two different kinds some prepackaged and some seed tapes she made can't wait to plant these.

Lotion - it smells heavenly and is perfect size for my purse.

Airheads - ok these were for my girls and they weren't letting me forget it either. They had to have a desperate picture because I had to go find them. Two girls hid them.

And a very sweet card. Thanks Kayla I loved getting to meet to you and your blog is fabulous.

If you are interested in Cara Box go check out the rules and how-to on Wifessionals.

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  1. Great Cara Box! I would love those Airheads!!

  2. I always hide the white air head from my kids.
    Jennifer @


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