Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pipestone 2013

Here we are the first race of 2013. This is pretty exciting it is not only the first race but it is a qualifier for a national race, Big Sky. Oh the possibilities. So the girls raced yesterday and did great they have never not finished a race ever and today was no exception K got 3rd and L got 5th, they did awesome. After the race we hung out and had dinner and got daddy ready to race. He volunteered and helped sweep the races on Saturday but he was racing Sunday. This racing stuff could drive a mama and wife insane it is stressful waiting for your kids and hubby to come around for a lap when they have been up in the mountains climbing rocks and going through mud and downed trees. YIKES!! Thankfully the crew of Lone Peak Racing let me volunteer and help out and that kept my mind busy, and I am sure I drove them a little crazy with my constant checks on which position my husband was in. Thankfully they were good sports.

So Saturday the girls raced and they did well so Sunday came and Daddy was up. Before he raced though we had a small situation with K, she made a friend at the race a very nice little boy and she came over and asked if she could go walking up the trail with him and his mom, as there was a parent with them I of course said sure. Well an hour and half later I see his mom but no kids. Panic settled in she said they started to run ahead of her and becuase of hte bikes they couldn't hear her yelling at them to stop, they were on the trail with no adults and I cried. This part has a good ending we found her well her daddy found her and she was grounded to the camper or the pits for the rest of the race, she was mad at us but I have never been so mad and so happy to see her little face before so I will take her being mad at us. So after that daddy was officially up he started out pretty good, but his first lap time was around 30 minutes and that made me nervous sure enough on his third lap when he pitted he said he had wrecked a lot, but he wasn't stopping. So I sent him out for a few more laps with the words I love you, keep going and you are in 13th place.  That last line is usually the one that gets him, you see the benefits of being with someone for 12 years is that I know what to say to get him to try harder and believe in himself more. I knew he could get in the top 10 and qualify he just needed to believe it. So telling him what position he was in made him realize he was doing well and that there were people in front of him that he could catch up to and pass. He did too finishing in 8th position. I am so proud of him and he was proud of himself. Love that smile on his face. As we were loading up to come home it started raining and then finally it snowed. The inside of my camper looks slightly muddy but it can be cleaned, and we got out of there a stop for dinner and we made it home in time for showers a basic camper unload and bed. Man was I tired and I didn't even race.

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