Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful November - Day 1

So I love posts from Mrs. P over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo, she is amazing and just always says whats on her mind. Well this month she is doing a Thankful November series we can call it she is blogging each day about something she is thankful for. I think this is a such a great idea I am joining her, and starting doing a first for me link up. I really think this a great idea and would love to hear what all of you are thankful for each day.

So today is November 1st and to be honest I am thankful Halloween has come and gone. Yikes that holiday runs me down every year maybe it is because it is not my favorite holiday I don't hate it by any means but I prefer holidays that don't have scary stuff and spiders. YUCK!

This year for Halloween my girls decided they wanted to be Marines, now our cousin in the Corps and I didn't want to disrespect the uniform so I tried hard to make sure they didn't look sloppy or thrown together. Here is what we came up with.

K in Cami's

L in Dress Blues
The story behind this being a little extra stressful is that I ordered costumes online on the 13th of October, however on October 24th I received an email stating that the dress blues uniform was out of stock and wouldn't be shipping. Really you wait for 2 weeks to let me know you don't have it in stock, thanks a lot NOT! So I have to make dress blues, yes at this point my eyeballs are popping out of my head and my stress level is off the charts. Thankfully I found a picture online of a costume a mom had made and I just followed her directions for not being a lover of sewing I think it turned out pretty good. It is a black fleece pullover and wind pants but we got the seal of approval from our cousin who said it looked really good. Thank Heavens someone was definately watching over me!

I also joined a Love Gratitude Challenge as a way to love on my hubby. So today I am thankful for his flexibility! Last night we both worked until 5pm, we still had to take the girls to great grandparents houses, have dinner and then trick or treat. So he willingly made dinner while I visited the great grandparents so that we would be on time. LOVE HIM!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and if you need a little blogging inspiration please join me in this Thankful November!

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  1. I totally agree, Halloween seemed to last forever and I'm so grateful its over! I do love it, but its hard to maintain that level of energy for long!

    Also I have you for the ornament swap. Can you email me your address? ( Also what is the theme of your tree? Any thing specific? I'm so excited!!


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