Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful November - Day 2

Day 2 here I come...

General Thankfulness:
Today I am thankful for employers who start fitness challenges! Oh yes you read that right, I have been in a funk the last week and half, I have thought about working out I just haven't actually done it. So yesterday my boss sends out an email inviting us to join him as an office and obtaining 160 hours of fitness for the month of November. Well there are enough of us that it equals approximately 4 hours a week, which is really easy if you just do it. I am starting tomorrow I believe as I am going hunting with hubby and he will walk my butt off I am sure. I can go to the gym and workout for an hour and sweat my butt off, but going hiking with hubby for a couple of hours will nearly kill me off and make me feel like I have never seen the inside of a gym. So thank you to my boss for knowing that this time of year it is so hard to get motivated to hit the gym. Oh our reward is a round of appetizers and a drink at a local place that was just remodeled. Very cool!!

Hubby Thankfulness:
Today for Love Gratitude Challenge I put a love bug note in my hubby's lunch box. I found these at Walmart in the clearance aisle and they are in the shape of little bugs and have cute little sayings on them. Today's message said "Thank you for being such a hard worker" Then on the back I wrote a note thanking him for working so hard for our family. I really do love and appreciate that man, even on the days his hard work drives me nuts or his perfectionism makes me batty at the end of the day I know that he does it for our family. LOVE HIM!!

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