Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful November - Day 5

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for food coop programs. I participate in Bountiful Baskets and it is such a wonderful program. My family and I get to try veggies and fruits that I would not otherwise buy at the grocery store because I do not like stepping out of my comfort zone especially when it comes to spending money. And most of the time we enjoy it. This weekend hubby and I tried Acorn Squash, I sliced it and baked it with Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper, it was actually pretty good. Neither hubby nor I could eat very much because even with the salt, pepper and parm cheese it was sweet but we tried it and both agreed we would eat it again. Delicious fruits and vegetables I love them.

Hubby Thankfulness:
I am thankful my hubby is such a sound sleeper, otherwise I would be able to get up in the morning and workout for fear of waking him up. Sometimes it wakes him up when he notices I am not in bed next to him but then he hears the TV and goes right back to sleep. I am thankful that he does this as we do not have a very big house (note: I do not want a bigger house I hate cleaning) so if he was a light sleeper it would ruin my early morning workout opportunity and I would have to fit it in another time or leave and go to the gym. Thank you hubby for sleeping like a rock!

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