Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful November - Day 4

Not sure what happened to this posting but it did not post like it was supposed to so here it goes again

General Thankfulness:
Montana, I am thankful to live in this great state, where the pace can sometimes be a little slower and life in general can be a lot less stressful. It is all what you make of it! I love the weather, most of the time, summer's here are gorgeous and winter's well they can take your breathe away literally sometimes they are so cold. Seriously though looking up at the mountains and trees covered in snow you know where they get pictures for postcards. WOW!! I love living in this state.

Hubby Thankfulness:
That he knows what I need most of the time without me even saying a word. Saturday night our girls spent the night at sleepovers and so we were kidless. We could have gone out and partied, but we didn't. Hubby got home after dark from hunting with his dad and we had a late dinner and watched some TV and snuggled in bed and slept in until 10am! Oh yes I needed that time with him just the two of us, no feeling to fit in some party or time out on the town just us two. WONDERFUL!

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