Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful November - Day 10

Pretty sure I skipped yesterday although I didn't post I was thankful. Just didn't share. :)

Today though I have to share because well that is just me.

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for creativity. My girls were getting ready to go play out in all this white stuff we have and almost every pair of their gloves were wet. Mainly because they take them off and throw them back in the tub with all the dry stuff. Yuck! Well I found a piece of scrap ribbon and some clothes pins and presto. They can hang up their gloves so that they dry off. Forgive the picture being sideways my phone didn't want to rotate it.

Hubby Thankfulness:
This one was a hard one today because I really was thinking about kicking him right in the butt! He told some friends that they could park and store some stuff at our house as they are moving to a new house. I was a little upset at him for not remembering to tell me. Then I got a little more upset because stuff got stored in my parking spot in the garage. However I know he didn't do it on purpose and really I got to chitchat with some friends as they surprised me. So it wasn't all bad and I know hubby will move stuff in the garage so that I have a parking spot. Love his forgetfulness sometimes it is a character of his that usually makes me smile more than makes me mad.
Love him!
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