Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful November - Day 15

General & Hubby Thankfulness:

Oh yes people I did it I combined the two. Now before you go thinking I am running out of ideas to be thankful for my hubby that has nothing to do with it I am just extra grateful today. "Thanks for the last 12 years" that is the text my hubby received this morning. You see today we celebrate 12 years of dating! Oh yes I still try to date my husband it is part of the adventure, the fun, the lure, the excitment it keeps things interesting. To be honest I am still learning and getting to know my hubby people grow and change, for example and it is something small but hubby used to hate mustard guess what he eats now!
So today I am thankful for time the last 12 years to be specific because I have been beyond blessed and I am hubby thankful because he has stuck it out with me, highs lows and all the uturns in between.
Love you Babe!!

Bunny ears and all I still love him

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