Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 15 - Timeline of my Day

So Today's Timeline...
8:30am - Woke Up (we got to sleep in a little as the girls stayed with Papa and Nana)
9am - I already have a load of laundry washing and dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, along with making a cup of tea for me and a cup of coffee for the hubby
10:30am - started on loading the new camper with all the clean dishes and organizing where I am going to put all the stuff we seem to need to camp
11:45am - Papa dropped the girls off and they may be a little grumpy from staying up to late and waking up early, but I am happy to see their faces
12:30pm - We three girls head up town to return some stuff and do a little shopping I found two gift cards in my purse so exciting
3:30pm - We are back and the girls are out riding their dirt bikes
5pm - Alex and Riley stop by to chit chat and hang out
6:30pm - I start making dinner and the girls are still out in the field riding
7:30pm - dinner is now cooking and I am still cleaning the camper and organizing while doing some laundry, and trying to straighten out my house YIKES
8:30pm - Shane is home we have dinner, the girls start getting ready for bed
9pm - Girls in bed, a little late but this whole it staying light out until 9:30 really throws we into a tailspin I lose track of time and well that is what happens no use in fighting it or making a mountain out of a molehill
11pm - Shane and I start watching Hatfield's & McCoys that is DVR'd, probably a bad choice as we end up stopping it at 12:45 so we can go to bed, really good show so far.
Pretty slow paced Memorial Day but it was fun and we accomplished A LOT

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