Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 7 - My Pet Hates

My Pet Hates

I have two dogs, one cat and two goldfish so I definatey don't hate pets. However there may be a few things I don't like some days. For instance...
  1. Potty training a new puppy
  2. A needy cat, most of the time my cat is pretty independent but randomly he decides he needs attention and he needs it now and it sits and meows for what seems like forever until someone pets him
  3. Dogs that bark and don't listen when told to stop
  4. Cleaning fish tanks, can you say EW
  5. Dog drool, our lab/mastiff pup, well she is really96 lbs of largeness but she thinks she is a lap dog, so when she is starving or thinking she is being deprived of food she drools and I mean dripping drops of saliva all over the place, gross :) Even though she is the cutest thing ever.
  6. One blonde dog, our golden/lab is a daddy's girl so to speak she is 100% sure that my hubby is her only owner 98% of the time. I can call her and call her and she will seemingly just ignore me but he whistles once and she is at his side in seconds, drives me nuts.
Well I think that is it definately not a hate list but a few pet peeves if you will. Even though they drive me bonkers sometimes they have definately added to our family.

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