Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 9 - My Worst Habits

My Worst Habits
Well let me think...
  1. Interrupting People: I love listening to my friends, coworkers, hubby, and family talk in fact I love learning about people but I also have a bad habit. While people are talking I tend to think of something I need to tell them a story I need to share or provide an example from my own life, and I will interrupt them to do this. Terrible habit is more like it because I swear I was listening to them and then my brain switched gears and off I go. Definately working on this but very frusterating sometimes not only for me but for others too.
  2. Rubbing my lips, ok I realize this sounds funny but some people chew on their fingernails, I rub my lips like with my finger when they are dry and not smooth feeling I want to make them smooth and I will take my finger and rub the dry skin off. Gross and really terrible for my lips as usually I make them bleed.
  3. Swearing, yep I said it I swear and it is a terrible habit I am working on vigerously to fix. In fact you will hear me correct myself a lot because it bothers me that bad. Part of my swearing is road rage I would stake claim to the fact that people get in their cars and drive with the intention of driving me bonkers. There are usually no hand signals with this and I am sure to passerby's I look like I am on the phone or talking to myself.
So there you go 3 bad habits that I am in the process of making better :)

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