Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 6 - My 5 Senses

As my phone is acting up and I can't log into my blog I hope you won't mind the missing link up to the challenge thank goodness my email is still working!
My 5 senses today!
See - I see a house that needs cleaned up ugh after being on the run today my house got a little neglected.
Taste - I taste the fudge bar I just had it was a delicious treat from my hubby. But so worth it. Yum
Feel - I feel the remnants of the headache I have had all day from not drinking enough water man I can't wait to go to bed and start tomorrow over with a cup of tea and lots of water.
Hear - I hear two girls fighting in the shower after a long day spent walking the 5k, walking downtown and watching the Armed Forces Day Parade, a swimming playdate with a friend and of course a couple hours of dirt bike riding. I also hear a husband that works really hard banging away on our garage. I can hear the sounds of home.
Smell - I can smell fresh country air it is a little cold but it still smells so good. I can also smell green apple gum in our 4th care package even sealed that box smells wow that gum is powerful hopefully the dogs that check them don't rip into out of pure hunger. :)
I hope you all took a minute and checked on your 5 senses it is a nice break in the day.
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